In the 4-5 years I’ve been a freelancer, I’ve only used written contracts when a client has requested it. Even then, I usually try to place the creation of the document onto the client. I have a boilerplate agreement I’ve used in the past when clients want me to provide the document. Outside of that, I tend to send an overview email of the agreed upon project, in a very informal email, along with the invioce. I take the clients initial payment as a sign of agreement to the overview email. It’s worked wonders so far…

Rethinking Contracts

mnmal: It’s an AddictionThere’s instant positive feedback to such constant activities as checking email, surfing the web, checking social networks such as blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook. That’s why it’s so easy to become addicted to being connected and distracted. This is me. I’m addicted to being connected.

The age of distraction

Dubious Payday


Was brought into a meeting with a client that we had done some small time work for. He pulled up a major brand name e-commerce website on his desktop as an example of what he was looking for his upstart clothing business…

Client: If you can just get us a website, pretty much exactly like this, selling maybe 100-150 products at launch and submitted to all the top search engines that would be great!/p>

Me: Ok, what’s your budget?

Client: Well, we can’t pay you in money, but we could pay you in an ownership stake in the company, like stock.

Me: But the company doesn’t exist yet…

Client: It will when you complete the site.