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Making WordPress Glitchy

Kjell has consistently been a driving force within the WordPress world. His latest experiment is like a looking glass towards what is nearly possible with the WordPress block editor.

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Sidebars, Popovers, and Modals

Recently, I’ve noticed the need to move from sidebars, to popovers, to modals. For example, in the WordPress block editor you can add blocks from a small and quick popover called the Quick Library, or from the larger Sidebar Libary. And, there’s been a few designs floating around that use a modal to browse patterns.

I wondered if there was a way to ease the transition between these different UI’s and came up with this animation.

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Canvas Width

I’m working on designs for the brand new Patterns section for This new section of the site will allow anyone to create and submit patterns — a collection of WordPress blocks — that can be shared and used by any WordPress site.

One aspect of build a great pattern is understanding how your design adapts to various widths. And I don’t just mean device widths, like a tablet or phone — but also container widths. In the world of the block editor, you can place patterns within wide pages or narrow columns, and your pattern must adapt accordingly.

Here’s how a Width tool could work when designing and building a pattern…


Widget Mission Control

Another day, another late-night concept video. This time I’m back on widgets. The tabbed prototype I’ve been working on is really taking shape and feeling nice. But, its biggest strength is also its biggest weakness: You can only see one sidebar at a time.

I’ve been toying with the idea of an “all sidebars” view since I started working on the project, and today the inspiration for a possible UI struck me: Mission Control in OS X. Check out the video to see the concept in action:

[wpvideo mtQFstT5]

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Rethinking Content Editing in WordPress, from Mel Choyce

Some really interesting concepts from Mel Choyce. Mel’s designs are exactly what I had in mind when Matt brought up the idea of “post-formats as blocks” in his State of the Word talk.

There’s some great discussion happening over on the Make UI blog, too.