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Living Between the Clouds and the Mud

Jay Koster sums up one of our team’s mantras, “Clouds and Mud.”

…our team affectionately refers to this challenge of high-level thinking and low-level acting as “clouds and mud”. It sounds cliché, but it summarises the mental exercises designers working in this space have to do.

My favorite line from Jay’s post is this little bit of alliteration:

It’s all too easy to get distracted by the worms and the weeds.

Design WordPress

Jazz’n up

Beatriz Fialho has posted some designs she’s been working on to update the News blog, which has been mostly stagnant for years. Her new designs are full of freshly vibrant colors and feelings. Give it a look and let everyone know what you think.


Iconoir, a pretty nice collection of icons

I’m not sure what “definitive” means in this context, but its at least a nice collection of free icons.