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A Welcomed Detour

Took a little detour today and tried to help with some improvements to the media uploader in WordPress, specifically a new button that will let you quickly copy the URL for a file that you just uploaded.

This is related to the following WordPress Core issue: Add a copy-link button at the media upload page


Resize media library thumbnails on the fly.

Far from perfect, this slider lets you change the size of the thumbnails in the media library. See a bunch of smaller images at once, or zoom in and see bigger images.

[wpvideo 7U0xVSKj]


Toying with Media Library Interactions

I’ve been playing with some interactions and styles for the Media Library, with the goal of making it easier to browse and manage your media in WordPress. Check out the video and tell me what you think.

[wpvideo CazqQ1sp]

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Exploring Layouts for the WordPress Media Library

3.6 Media Menu with MP6WordPress 3.5 brought us the great media modal, which makes it super easy to upload and add images while writing a post. The modal features a grid-based layout, with large images that make browsing your library a breeze. Meanwhile, the main media page hasn’t changed much. It still lists your media library using a standard WordPress table view. Its not bad, and sometimes the table view is useful — but that grid-based layout from 3.5 would bring that easy, breezy browsing to the main media page.

I’ve worked up a few quick wireframes to run through the idea. I’m diggin’ it. There’s the standard table list view, a hybrid view, and a traditional grid view. Lots more ideas brewing in my head, but I wanted to get these “on paper.” What do you think?