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  • Thinking Through: WordPress Border Controls

    Thinking Through: WordPress Border Controls

    The WordPress block editor is starting to look more and more like a design tool for creating Patterns and web pages. We’re seeing new controls every release for basic design tools like line-height, color, padding, and block spacing. The WordPress editor offers some simple controls for setting a block’s border. Controls for a block borders…

  • A random drone photo

  • Canvas Width

    I’m working on designs for the brand new Patterns section for WordPress.org. This new section of the site will allow anyone to create and submit patterns — a collection of WordPress blocks — that can be shared and used by any WordPress site. One aspect of build a great pattern is understanding how your design adapts…

  • Resize media library thumbnails on the fly.

    Far from perfect, this slider lets you change the size of the thumbnails in the media library. See a bunch of smaller images at once, or zoom in and see bigger images. [wpvideo 7U0xVSKj]

  • Widgets Prototype, Take 2

    I’ve continued work on the Widgets prototype, this time taking some cue’s from Ben’s user test. His comments about the modal “being in the way” really struck a chord with me. This latest iteration removes the modal all together, in favor of a list of available widgets. Check out the video and let me know…

  • Add a New Widget

    [wpvideo UnHywVHU] I’ve continued to work on this prototype for widgets in WordPress. Its coming along nicely. I hope to run some user tests next week.