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  • Browsing Themes in WordPress

    Along with working on Widgets, I’m also working on some ideas for the theme experience in WordPress. Working with Matías Ventura, I’ve come up with the following wireframe: The big idea here is to merge the two pages, Manage Themes and Install Themes. We ran a user test, which you should totally watch, and quickly…

  • Rethinking Content Editing in WordPress, from Mel Choyce

    Some really interesting concepts from Mel Choyce. Mel’s designs are exactly what I had in mind when Matt brought up the idea of “post-formats as blocks” in his State of the Word talk. There’s some great discussion happening over on the Make UI blog, too.

  • WordPress 3.6 "Oscar" Released

    WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” is a great release, which marks the move into a more aggressive release schedule with both 3.7 and 3.8 due to arrive this year.

  • Face Foward

    A preview of my first WordPress theme in over 4 years.