I’ve used WordPress since the b2 days. Somehow I managed to land a job at Automattic, the creators of WordPress.com. Below is a collection of WordPress-related “things” that I’ve helped to create.

Designs, Concepts, and Research

  • Widgets Rethought — Rethinking the way widgets and sidebars look and work in WordPress.
  • Media Library Wireframes — A few wireframes for the Media Library, with a focus on better browsing of images and videos and the possibility of multiple layouts, including a large image-focused grid.
  • Theme Browsing Experience — Looking at how you browse and install themes from within WordPress.


  • Title Prompt — Tweaks the behavior of the title label/placeholder. You know, the “Enter title here…” bit.
  • Mini Admin Bar — Moves the adminbar into the sidebar.
  • Menu Recent Pages — Adds a list of recently edited pages to your wp-admin menu.
  • Widgets Prototype — An experimental UI for managing your site’s widgets.

Projects & Services

  • VaultPress — A subscription backup, security, and support service from Automattic. I’m the lead designer working with a team of developers.

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