WordPress.com Reader

Reader allows people to browse, follow, and read their favorite blogs and RSS feeds. The Reader had previously existed in an older codebase, often referred to as “Atlas.” Automattic was currently in the process of building the newer “Calypso” project; A React-powered, API-driven, single-page app for managing, building, and reading WordPress sites.

I joined the Reader Squad in 2016 with the intention of redesigning and rebuilding Reader from the ground up. I dug in and got my hands dirty writing Javascript, HTML, and CSS alongside some of the best coders in the business — they all taught me so much. Our local sandbox development environment made it easy for me to create prototypes rapidly and test across dozens of browsers and directly on mobile devices.

Our new Reader took advantage of React’s speed, and the latest web tech available; We embraced clear typography, big imagery, and a social connection to the larger WordPress communities with likes and comments.