Sorted “scientifically”

I find Slack’s “All unreads” view to be really helpful when jumping back in after time away. I found their default sorting of “Sorted scientifically” to be funny. I have no idea what “scientifically” means in this context.

Sidenote: I had to Google “unreads” to see if it was even a word. Wiktionary says it is, but I call bullshit. Trying say “unreads” out loud; Its incredibly awkward. If I designed this I would have used “unread.”

Looking at the list of unread messages also doesn’t provide any clues as to what “scientifically” means. My guess is something around relevance; perhaps my commonly used channels rise to the top.

I’ve spent a lot of time through the years obsessing over interface text (just look at the sidenote above) so its funny to see Slack almost give up and use the most jargony jargon. They could have used “Sorted magically” and it would mean the exact same thing to me.






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  1. Juan Avatar

    Loved the post +100 on it. Apparently it does have a meaning for them.

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