Prototype W

I spent some time today working on a plugin that redesigns the widgets in WordPress. It’s a prototype. I love to build quick prototypes, not design something on a static Photoshop canvas. This way, I get to play with the “thing” I’m building and tweak it in realtime. This method of “don’t just draw, build… Continue reading Prototype W

Exploring Layouts for the WordPress Media Library

WordPress 3.5 brought us the great media modal, which makes it super easy to upload and add images while writing a post. The modal features a grid-based layout, with large images that make browsing your library a breeze. Meanwhile, the main media page hasn’t changed much. It still lists your media library using a standard… Continue reading Exploring Layouts for the WordPress Media Library

Mini Admin Bar

Another day, another plugin. This morning I whipped up a concept-plugin for a smaller admin bar. I’m calling it (creatively) Mini Admin Bar. This isn’t for the faint of heart, as Its pretty broken right now; No drop-downs work, and it breaks miserably with Jetpack enabled. However, if your brave (and have MP6 activated) check it out.

Jetpack 2.0 is here!

Jetpack logo from header.

Jetpack 2.0 was just released. Lots of cool new things, including the ability to cross-post to Facebook and Twitter. Photon, a CDN of sorts for your site’s photos, is brand-spanking new — and something to keep an eye on.

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