Menus *heart* Pages

Menus love Pages

Spent some time today thinking about how we could merge Menu’s in to the Pages screen in WordPress to reinforce the connection between the two.






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  1. tomdryan Avatar

    Yesss! Thank you! Menus go with Pages like peanut butter goes with jelly. As a newer WP user, it didn’t make any sense to me that Menus were under Appearance.

  2. tomdryan Avatar

    I’m not sure if you saw this already, but here is a proposal I posted a few days ago to the UI group to restructure the WP menus to make the menu naming more consistent and to put options where most users would be expected them. I’m relativity new to WP and all the frustrations about learning WP are very fresh in my mind. 🙂

    WordPress New Admin Menu Re-Structure Proposal.


    Manage Posts
    Add New
    Settings (was: Settings>Writing)

    Manage Media
    Add New
    Settings (was: Settings>Media)

    Manage Comments
    Settings (was: Settings>Discussion)

    Manage Pages
    Add New
    Settings (was: Settings>Reading)

    Layout (could be included under Pages instead)

    Manage Users
    Add New
    Edit Current Profile

    Manage Themes
    Add New

    Manage Plugins
    Add New


    Site Settings

    Help (this should also go on the admin bar under a “?” icon)
    About WordPress
    Support Forums

    other plugins, etc.

    1. Shaun Avatar

      Ooh, I didn’t see that but I like the idea. Moving the settings for each area under that menu item is interesting, but I wonder if it’s easier to have one place for all settings, or settings split up across multiple areas. This reminds me of settings on iOS. Some apps have their setting in the Settings app, while some have their settings inside their app. Something to ponder, thanks for the input!

  3. tomdryan Avatar

    Thanks! I do understand the idea behind putting all the settings in one place, but in this case I think it does make more sense for the settings for major categories to be in their corresponding sections because it puts everything to do with that subject in the same place so users don’t have to go hunting somewhere else to find what they’re looking for. It also declutters the “Site Settings” section down below to be for more systemwide and added functionality.

    That being said, if the all settings are kept in the “Site Settings” section, at the very least we should rename them to be consistent with the section that they correspond to, so Writing, Discussion and Reading would change to Posts, Comments and Pages respectively. “Media” already follows this policy. That would make a ton more sense for new/casual users trying to find their way around the WP interface.

  4. mattnamclaughlin Avatar

    If it’s a “Manage” page rather than just a library, why aren’t the settings on the management page itself? Maybe as an accordion foldout at the top, or a modal?
    Also is it such a terrible thing to have settings in two places? Sometimes you need to tweak a bunch of settings across multiple parts of your website – go to “All Settings”. Sometimes you’re in the middle of doing something in a particular part of the website and you’d like to tweak just the settings that correspond to what you’re working on – tweak the “Media Settings” for example.
    I’m not a huge fan of the Pages + Menus thing. If anything, I would just add a “Change Menu Positioning” option next to “Quickedit” for each page which pops up a modal.

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