Start with the ending

Designers are storytellers. We have the power to define and shape a person’s experience. But when we’re caught up in the immediacy of a new project — it can be easy to forget the importance of the ending.

Any good storyteller can attest; Its the ending that leave’s your audience with a lasting impression.

Since it’s so important, it can be helpful to start with the ending. Let it guide your design decisions, shape your roadmap, and set the tone for the experience.

I’m currently working on a new block for WooCommerce that will allow people to add sophisticated product recommendations anywhere on their store. I found myself with the usual “blank canvas” problem; Where do I start?

My fictional blog post I wrote to help get me started.

I started with the end, by writing a fictional blog post announcing our new block. This exercise helped me define my audience, narrow in on the key features, and find the language that best described the new block.

You can share these “endings” with others, to spark discussions, decisions, and align stakeholders with an easy to grasp outcome.





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