Category: Design

  • Automattic is Hiring

    In a few weeks, I’ll have worked at Automattic for 10 years. That is just about a third of my life, and the majority of my career as a designer. And here’s the thing, I could see myself doing this for another 10 years. Looking for a job?

  • A Welcomed Detour

    Took a little detour today and tried to help with some improvements to the media uploader in WordPress, specifically a new button that will let you quickly copy the URL for a file that you just uploaded. This is related to the following WordPress Core issue: Add a copy-link button at the media upload page

  • A quick guide for building a WordPress block pattern

    As we progress on building a directory for WordPress block patterns, I thought it would be helpful to put together a guide for building patterns. Here’s a first sketch at this guide, which I think can probably live at What do you think — does this help, and does it cover the basics? What…

  • Sidebars, Popovers, and Modals

    Recently, I’ve noticed the need to move from sidebars, to popovers, to modals. For example, in the WordPress block editor you can add blocks from a small and quick popover called the Quick Library, or from the larger Sidebar Libary. And, there’s been a few designs floating around that use a modal to browse patterns.…

  • Canvas Width

    I’m working on designs for the brand new Patterns section for This new section of the site will allow anyone to create and submit patterns — a collection of WordPress blocks — that can be shared and used by any WordPress site. One aspect of build a great pattern is understanding how your design adapts…

  • Grid Block Concept

    The WordPress editor is a great writing tool. I’d love to see it become a great layout and design tool, as well. A big part of layout and design is having a grid. The WordPress editor provides a Columns block, but its limited; You can only choose columns and there is no control for spacing.…

  • In-Between Inserter

    It can be hard to know where you’re adding blocks in the WordPress editor. Hopefully we can make it a little easier by adding some guidance to the in-between add button.

  • Block Editor, Publishing Sheet

    A design from August 2018 showing a sheet-like overlay for the publishing confirmation step in Gutenberg, the WordPress block editor.

  • Signup to Editor Transition

    A concept video showing a transition from the signup experience to the block editor.

  • Navigation Block, Simple Color Controls

    A design to allow the Navigation block in the WordPress block editor to offer simple color customizations.