Category: Design

  • Thinking Through: Switching Block Styles

    The WordPress block editor has a feature called “Block Styles” that allow a block (or plugin, or theme) to provide CSS-like style options to alter the appearance of the block. For example, the Table block offers two styles: Default and Striped. This post looks at the interface for switching between styles and how it could…

  • Sorted “scientifically”

    I find Slack’s “All unreads” view to be really helpful when jumping back in after time away. I found their default sorting of “Sorted scientifically” to be funny. I have no idea what “scientifically” means in this context. Sidenote: I had to Google “unreads” to see if it was even a word. Wiktionary says it…

  • Living Between the Clouds and the Mud

    Jay Koster sums up one of our team’s mantras, “Clouds and Mud.” …our team affectionately refers to this challenge of high-level thinking and low-level acting as “clouds and mud”. It sounds cliché, but it summarises the mental exercises designers working in this space have to do. My favorite line from Jay’s post is this little…

  • Making WordPress Glitchy

    Kjell has consistently been a driving force within the WordPress world. His latest experiment is like a looking glass towards what is nearly possible with the WordPress block editor.

  • Jazz’n up

    Beatriz Fialho has posted some designs she’s been working on to update the News blog, which has been mostly stagnant for years. Her new designs are full of freshly vibrant colors and feelings. Give it a look and let everyone know what you think.

  • 404 Jazz

    Here’s a couple of quick sketches for a 404 (page not found) error on in the style of old jazz album covers.

  • HD1 M2

    I’ve had these Sennheiser headphones for about 3 years, and I just learned that the volume toggle is also a button. Its definitely a clever interface, but it’s not at all obvious. I also imagine its more costly and likely to fail than just having a separate button.

  • Please enter your phone number…

    This is the web’s equivalent of those old rotary telephones.

  • The first 5,000 users on

    I’m user #572 on Dribbble, with my account created on Jan 19, 2010. Thats kind of cool. Scrolling through this list is like a who’s who of 2010 web design.

  • Publishing a Block Pattern on

    Here’s a design I made that walks people through filling out the necessary information to submit their block pattern to the directory.