Category: Design

  • I built some "floating" shelves.

    I built three of these “floating” shelves based on some plans I found online. Only two of them made the cut, and made it on to the living room wall. They haven’t fallen down yet, so I’m calling in a success.

  • iTunes and Terrible Text Shadows

    I just had a chance to download the newest iTunes (version 11). There’s a lot to like, but what the hell is up with the terrible text-shadow on the song info? The time is inset, while the song info is floating. I don’t get it.

  • My job.

    My job.

    As an interface designer, my job isn’t about making things pretty. Its about fitting an entire complicated system of moving parts, flows, buttons, clicks, users, etc – into my head. And then, make it easy. And then, make it pretty.

  • Planter shelves.

    A couple shelves like this would look great in the living room.

  • Trash bin.

    It looks pretty nice, but at $50+, I think I’ll pass.

  • The Stones.

    I wouldn’t mind a bottle of this in my office.

  • Paper

    I can’t stop sketching out ideas in Paper for iOS. It’s really, really good. Here’s a quick flow sketch to help get some ideas moving. It’s so simple, but also fun. Easily the best drawing app I’ve ever used.

  • You've got mail!

    Andi’s getting married, and of course she made her “save-the-dates” by hand. They’re a work of art. I saw the envelope from across the room, and instantly knew it was her work.